Good morning ! My name isAlexandra WAR,But for friends it'sAlex.

I was born theJune 11 in Paris.

When I was little I wanted to be theSuper woman of 80 s pubsWho rolls around in a wine table, runs meetings in a shoulder-length, 12 heels and XXL brushing, and who is married to the guy from the Dim adAnd now I'mRedac Chef atMrs. Figaro, I don't have a decapotable (or a epaulette suit) and I live with a Chef (and it's so much better than the guy from the Dim ad)

What makes me want to get up in the morning isThe idea of a hot coffee and breakfast that my guy makes me with love.

I 've always been a fan ofKitchenAndTravelBecause I was brought up with the idea that cooking is loving, and traveling is learning.

I always start my day withMake a battle plan in my head to try to weave everything I have to do in 24 hoursAnd the last thing I think about before bed isHow grateful I am that my children and the people I love are healthy, because I realize all the time that life can change in an instant.

I usually sleepNot very well, insomnia my friend…

My plans for the future areTo be free, to travel, to have a large country house to receive friends, to cook and to have time to continue training in numerology (a great and old passion)

When I'm alone at home I usually wearMen's pajamas when it's cold, a nuntie and a kimono the rest of the time.

My guilty pleasure isCheese, wine, news podcast and storage (call meMarie Kondo)

In general, I go to bedAround 23:00 and I wake up at 7.30am.

I never leave my houseWithout kissing my guy and my kids.

Level look right now I lovePut on men's clothes (shirts, pants or jacket) I find that their locker room suits me better.

 2022It was a complicated and painful yearAnd 2023Will be lighter and cheerful for me.

I could neverPassing me hug from my sons, daily exchanges with my sisters on WhatsApp and jokes from my guy who happens to make me laugh even when I'm sad or in a bad mood.

For me "comfort" is synonymousSoft brai pajamas, in a large soft bed, with lots of pillows, a good book, a glass of wine and the rain falling outside.

I discovered Brai thanksTo my dear friend Marie deMy Travel Movies

If I could be someone else for a day,I would be the whole government and the President of the Republic to vote a budget of 2 billion euros in favor of the fight against violence against women and children.

To finish this interview, my motorcycle in life isLIFE IS MUCH MORE IMAGINATION THAN US.

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