BRAI is a clothing, accessories and household linen brand, known for its pajamas with ultra cool patterns and organic materials.

Created in 2017 by 2 sisters, Estelle Renard and Loren Desmoineaux, BRAI is a committed and inclusive French brand.

BRAI is above all the story of two sisters who love fashion, but comfortable and affordable fashion.

 The idea for BRAI was born in the hills of Los Angeles where Estelle lived: combining Californian comfort and French fashion sense. A designer by training, Estelle is the artistic director of the brand, she designs and imagines all the collections and patterns in the creation studio in Paris.

Loren, the business girl, is BRAI's fine strategist, she skillfully combines her commercial and digital knowledge to help BRAI grow every day.

Born on Instagram, BRAI @brai_officiel has carved out a place for itself in this new landscape of digital brands that are shaking up fashion.

Discover exclusively on our e-shop and at Bon Marché Paris.

Welcome to the #BraiFamily