Hello! Je m'appelle Charlotte Schneider, mais for the friends it's Chacha.

Je suis née le 11 juillet 1975 au Mans.

When I was little I wanted to be veterinarian and now I am designer of decoration and designer of clothes.

Ce qui me donne envie de me lever the morning it's create!



I have always been fan of Playmobil[_0727]main source of inspiration _0127_5_9] since 2014 because I think I am an eternal dreamer. 

Je commence toujours ma journée par préparer un bon petit déjeuner pour mes 3 enfants, et la dernière chose [_0127_5_9 ]à laquelle je pense avant de me coucher[_0127_5_9 ] is what to pack in their school bags for the next day! (Sports trainers, snack, water, mask, padlock for the scooter…).

I usually sleep a heavy sleep. 



My plans for the future are:

  • develop General Mobilization,
  • to be the best mother possible and see my children grow and flourish,
  • make great encounters every day,
  • and laugh with friends

In short… be happy!

When I'm alone at home, I usually wear a BRAI pajama bottom and a General Mobilization sweatshirt. Very soft, super comfortable... but look to death! 



My guilty pleasure is dark chocolate in front of the TV. I tried all possible perfumes…

En général, je me couche vers 23h et[_0127_5_9 ] je me réveille à 7h tous les jours. 

Je ne sors jamais de chez moi sans my cocker spaniel with a bleached blonde lock, Narco. A love with the allure of hell.



In terms of looks, at the moment I love to put my western Ba&sh camel high-heeled boots with my military coat of the same color bought on sale at Tara Jarmon. But my daily pleasure is never to be dressed like the day before, rarely to see the same twice. My own anti depressant. I only buy pieces that go together: easy basics and edgier prints or colors, and I mix and match.  And I do not hesitate to search at Pimkie, Jennyfer, H&M and Zara. There are real gems there.

2021 was the year of my lovely meeting with Johana, my partner and 2022 will be the year of all personal and professional accomplishments for me.[_0127_5_1 ] 



I could never do without my family and my friends because they are the only people to whom we can tell everything and who give me the courage and the strength to believe in myself. 

For me "comfort" is synonymous of softness and warmth.

I discovered BRAI thanks to my first store, rue Edmond about, located 30m away on the same sidewalk as their first showroom. A very beautiful story, that of BRAl, born of the fruitful and joyful association of these two accomplice sisters, Estelle and Loren, who have become friends. I enjoy their hilarious and uninhibited stories on Insta.  


Si je pouvais être quelqu'un d'autre le temps d'une journée, je serais Beyoncé. "On stage", with the fan in the mane, the sequined bodysuit and the army of dancers. Huge love.


To end this interview, my motto in life is "that we only have one, so as much as it is as we dream it".  

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