Good morning ! My name is Elisa, but for friends it's Lili.

I was born on July 30 1980 in Paris.

When I was little I wanted to be “lipstick” which meant makeup artist ! I had been fascinated by a make-up session with my mother and now I am a jewelry designer: IVARENE.

What makes me want to get up in the morning is the day, my slices of toast with salted butter and my “russian earl gray” tea.

I have always been a fan of music because I love to sing and dance!!

I always start my day by turning on the radio and drinking water, and the last thing on my mind before going to bed is my house/office/kids to-do list.[ _0127_5_1]

I usually sleep very very well!

My plans for the future are to make sure I can live in a sunnier place and surrounded by nature.

When I'm home alone I usually wear a pair of leggings and a cotton kimono.

My guilty pleasure is chips and fries!!

In general, I go to bed early… and I wake up early, I live with the sun so all that varies according to the seasons and the country in which I find myself!

I never leave my house without a little bit of makeup and a spray of Hadrian's water.
Look-wise at the moment I love wearing my shiloh heritage boots with my belted double-breasted coat and my silk scarf Call it by your name .

2022 it was the electric bike and 2023, it will be walking;)

I could never do without sun, nature and calm, that's how I recharge my batteries!

For me, "comfort" is synonymous with softness, good textures and good materials.
I discovered Brai when I came across their magnificent shop on rue de l'Annonciation in the 16th district!

If I could be anyone else for a day, I'd be Beyoncé!

To end this interview, my motto in life is and I will quote my beloved yoga teacher Roy Gan

“Remember that this is a journey, a journey without distance, a journey from unwillingness to willingness, from woundedness to wisdom, from untruth to truth, from fear to love, and from karma to yoga.”

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