Good morning! My name is' Tiffany Bouelle, I am French-Japanese and I grew up in Paris. 

When I was little I wanted to be airplane pilot for the air force but seeing the omnipresent misogyny in the professions of the army, I decided to do many other jobs and now i am artist designer.
What makes me want to get up in the morning is' the desire to always go further, I am thirsty for discovery and I consider that each day is a new adventure, a new idea, a new inspiration for a painting or an artistic project.
Ihave always been a fan films by Wes Anderson, we are more in the 70s, between Paris and the United States. 

I always start my day listening to music, and the last thing I think about before going to bed is taking stock of things to do the next day is not glam but it prepares me to better approach things and integrate my schedule perfectly.



I usually sleep 8 a.m. and lately more because I have periods when my body gives up on me because I never stop, so I listen to it and I hang out in bed sometimes until 10:00/11:00 a.m. and answer my questions. mails quietly under the duvet.

 My plans for thefuture are grow again and again, I'm growing you know :)

When I'm home alone I usually wear nothing. I feel free naked. 
My guilty pleasure is' sugar. I'm going to end up diabetic at this rate, I have to calm things down.

I never leave home without my gel because I'm a big bug freak. I can put gel on my face when I get out of the subway. Crazy, but I haven't gotten sick since the pandemic started - I feel like I'm part of the army of the invincible.



Look level right now I don't have a categorical wardrobe in a style, one day you can meet me, it looks like I'm going to attack your grandmother with my boys' clothes three times too big and my cap that hides my face; the next day I am the baguette under the arm in a trench coat. Every start of the day has its mood, and clothes are a playground for me, not an identity or an extension of myself.

For me "comfort" is synonymous with welfare.



Idiscovered Brai thanks at Instagram during the pandemic, I was looking for young French brands to support on my account to highlight them during a period when everything was closed. And BRAI was happy, positive and colorful.

If I could be someone'one'other for'a day, I would be myself, for nothing in the world I would like to put myself in the shoes of another person another day! Unless it's completely passive and I'm in the eyes of... but having to manage the day of a person that I would have liked to be in his skills would make me do stupid things not possible.
To end this interview, my motto in life changes every day so I'll just say YOLO.

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