BRAI becomes circular

BRAI x Kid's O'clock is about allowing you to become a player in the world of tomorrow.

Let's create a better world for our children together.


BRAI has always had the ambition to become a circular brand.

And it's done thanks to Kids O'Clock, the online platform for buying and reselling second-hand clothes and accessories for children aged 0 to 14 , launched in 2019 across the Channel by Laura Vidrequin.

 Now recycling your clothes becomes easy as pie.

Indeed, for any purchase, BRAI offers its customers, in stores and on its e-shop, a recycling bag that can hold up to 3 kg of clothing. (obviously everything is free!)

 The bag will be accompanied by an explanatory flyer as well as a prepaid slip for shipping.

Put your clothes to be recycled in the bag provided for this purpose, then all you have to do is drop it off at the Post Office. And There you go ! That's it.

 Once the bag has been shipped, the platform takes care of sorting, putting the products online (descriptions, photos and sales).

Customers will receive 50% of the sale amount.

Happy recycling!