At BRAI, we're determined to create eco-responsible, quality and ethical fashion, while promoting craftsmanship and making a positive contribution to our society.

Sustainable materials

All our collections are made entirely of cotton, a natural, soft and environmentally friendly material. We use non-toxic inks to create vibrant and colorful patterns on our fabrics.

Recyclable packaging

Our commitment to sustainability is also reflected in our packaging. All our packaging is 100% recyclable, contributing to the reduction of plastic waste.

Certified quality

At BRAI, quality is a priority. All our products comply with strict international standards, ensuring their durability and comfort. Our fabric is subject to rigorous independent controls to ensure its quality and origin. We are committed to meeting strict criteria, in particular production and processing processes that are respectful of the environment.

Fair working conditions

At BRAI, we are committed to constantly improving the working conditions of our partners. We also guarantee the prohibition of dangerous components such as toxic heavy metals and the diplomatic solvents.

An ancestral know-how

100% of our products are printed in block print and made from Jaipur, India. We favor family factories with which we have close collaboration, and we visit these creation and manufacturing workshops every year to maintain the quality of our products. French know-how is also highlighted in some of our products, in particular our slippers and slippers made in Charente, France.

A family brand

BRAI is a family business, and it is this sense of family that inspires our products. We design our creations with the heart, offering a personal and warm touch to every room. We offer creations for the whole family, ranging from man to woman without forgetting children and baby.

Creation studio in Paris

Our models are designed and designed in the BRAI studio in Paris. We take special care in the creation of our models to offer you a unique and authentic style.

Associative commitment

Our engagement

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