Good morning ! My name is Amandine Thomas, But for friends it's
Mandin .

I was born the 31 October 1983 To Paris in the 17th.

When I was little I wanted to be Astronaut And then Doctor And now I am happy entrepreneur and mother of little twins too choux!

Which makes me want to get up in the morning It's our little ones who (Literally) pull off the duvet to quickly get us out of there And Direction breakfast;)

I 've always been a fan of Music and water sports, because the sea, sport, calm or thoroughly music are the necessary exutories for my balance. A way to feel free, to take a distance, to Breathe, relax and above all have tons of news Ideas…

I always start my day With a little music, a slice of good bread with butter and a large Energy Tea with my husband and my Children.

The last thing I think about before bed Is all I 've got to do and I 've got to do Absolutely...

I sleep Generally very late so little and rather without anything except if I am cold in which case I wear a small short version Brai pajamas, I have just bought the model "Verana Cabalito" with the little ones Horses.

My projects for the future Are to become a real star in kitesurfing but above all and more seriously to develop the range The French Herborists who soon arrive in several European countries.

When I'm alone at home I usually wear Jeans short and a rather rock tank top.

My guilty pleasure It's a lot of things, I'm called "the teeth of the sea" chips, chocolate brioche from the Wonderful And brioche bread with nuts Kayser Too. In short, non-exhaustive list!

In general, I go to bed around 1 am and I wake up at 7 am to prepare the little ones to go to school and it's super hard.

I never leave my house without My pincer in the hair, my
Cell phone and a cherry lip stick, the same since I was a teenager.

Level look right now I love to put My blue high waist jeans Gerard Darel With tank tops or bloses style Manoush , Fish Club Paris With rather flashy colors. I'm full 70's right now!

2022 It was a lot of work, sometimes quite laborious related to our
Different developments at The French Herborist. 2023 is
Always a lot of work but it's a lot more fun with the realization of it all.

I could never do without Of my husband, my children, my family, our friends and our weekends in Normandy all together, to laugh, to kite with the friends of our Asso de kite, to walk and to enjoy.

For me "comfort" is synonymous Of gentleness and freedom.

I discovered Brai Thanks to Estelle whom I have the pleasure of meeting often, who is a real super nice "chick" and by my friends Brai addict.

If I could be someone else for a day, then I won't say Brad Pitt's girlfriend Because it really would be too agreed! But I would say Debbie Harry, Blondie, in her 70 period. Yes right now I dream of being a Rockstar...

To finish this interview, my motorcycle in life is “The best is the enemy of good” I say it often, I apply it and it sometimes allows you to move faster.

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