Good morning ! We call each other Caroline and Camille, but for friends it's Caro and Cam.

We were born the January 18, 1979 and August 23, 1982 in Marseille.

When we were little we wanted to be Hotel and artistic director , Now we're Hotel and artistic director in the hotel industry!

Which makes us want to get up in the morning, These are our children and our hotels, which are also a bit of our children…

We 've always been fans of Marseille because it's home!

We always start our day with Look at the time at which we wake up our respective “collos” (dog/baby…) , And the last thing we think about before we go to bed is A small assessment of the past day.

We usually sleep Like babies!

Our projects for the future are To grow our children and our family group in harmony.

When we are alone at home, we usually wear A Sweat and a legging.

Our guilty pleasure Is to have breakfast in our hotels every morning and pry the welcome products when you sleep with the competitors...

In general, we go to bed 11:30 p.m. and we wake up at 7:30 a.m.

We never go out of our house without A bike helmet for Caro and a tote bag for Cam...

Level look right now we love to put The kimano made in india of our cousin @ victorire_antoun (for Caro), A vintage 501 With a pair of @ Jacquessoloviereparis (For Cam).

2022 was The professional recovery Long awaited after 2 years Chaotic And 2023 will still be A beautiful year with a new baby undergoing renovation… Opening scheduled for 2024!

We can never do without Each other because it's blood, as they say in Marseille.

For us "comfort" is synonymous with Cool !

We discovered Brai Thanks to friends.

If we could be someone else for a day, we 'd be Tic and tit!

To finish this interview, our motorcycle in life is: "The happiness is to continue to desire what we have. » Saint Augustin.

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