Good morning ! My name is Olivia, but for friends it's lili.

I was born the July 6, 1983 in Boulogne-Billancourt.

When I was little I wanted to be Psychologist for inmates And now I'm the Co-founder of the JOD brand That we created with my friend Jeanne three years ago.

Which makes me want to get up in the morning It is my 4 children and my husband followed by my dog who jumped on us as soon as he hears the first awakening.

I 've always been a fan Sport and running because it allows me to clear my head, to feel good in my body.

I always start my day with Drink a lemon juice , And the last thing I think about before bed is Everything I have to accomplish the next day , With all this part of the unknown.

I usually sleep Extremely well and deeply.

My plans for the future are l 'Support for my 4 children in all moments of their life and on a professional level the development of our JOD brand.

When I'm alone at home I usually wear Of the Birkenstocks, A Bra pajamas I (of course) as colorful as possible and a big sweater because I am very cautious.

My guilty pleasure It's vinegar, pickles and Savora... for those who know.
In general, I go to bed Around 10 p.m. and I wake up at 6: 40.

I never leave my home s Years my flashy pink worn agenda where I note everything.

Level look right now I love The Molli sets Both comfortable and elegant, the Dresses Rouje With espadrilla to still feel on vacation for a few extra weeks, the Maria de la Orden shirts .

2022 was A sweet mix of excitement and stress with the launch of JOD, We met Many challenges in the development of our first products And 2023 will be The deployment of the JOD brand In France and on our e-shop.

I could never do without Of my weekends in the countryside riding horses and competing surrounded by the people I love.

For me "comfort" is synonymous with Softness and well-being.

I discovered Brai Thanks to their super cool and colorful Insta.

If I could be someone else for a day, I 'd be Sigmund Freud…
To finish this interview, my motorcycle in life is a quote from Nicolas Boileau That my grandfather kept saying to me “Nothing is beautiful than the real one, the real one is friendly.”

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