Good morning ! I m ' Calls Marina , But for friends c ' Is the same or anything: Marinoush, Marinette … I have always been without a fixed nickname for my friends-for the family on the other hand it is Nash or Nana.

I was born the 01 July 1992 To Vernon In Normandy (Rpz).

When I was little I wanted to be Veterinarian And Rich And
Now I'm an entrepreneur So Happy … But always Not rich.

What makes me want to get up in the morning c ' Is To have the chance to get up in the morning! This is my favorite moment ever. Every day I get up happy to live. Especially from Live the life I have built for myself, to be with my dog, for my family to be healthy, to get ready to put on clothes that I love, to see people that I love ... If I don't wake up with the desire to get up, I have something to change. And it never lasts long. What makes me want to get up is The daylight Too. See The blue sky It's not bad to give the impetus to wake up, but being a mega-bird early I rarely have the opportunity to appreciate this little happiness as a bonus :)

J ' Have always been a fan of Summer because the sun and long summer days are life.
I always start my day with Check the time and write on "How do I feel? And take stock of my morning feeling. Then I do 3 minutes of drainage and 1 ice shower. It sounds like a lou entrepreneur routine but it's integrated and it brings me a lot.
The last thing I think about before bed Is “5 cool things that happened to me today-that I write… and also this redundant thought every night I must confess. "And shit, I still spent too much time on the screens," significantly less personal development.

I usually sleep Good but not enough. An average of 7:00. I am unable to sleep more even though I would love to. From 6.30 am I am already on the front ready to attack the coming day. It's been like this since I was a child, impossible to fight. I always have an interest in falling asleep early otherwise it's complicated.

My projects for l ' Future Are to be happy and well surrounded and feel free. I want to continue to contribute as I can to do good for people, to help them take care of them; that's all I care about. I have a lot of ambition to do it on a large scale…

When I'm alone at home I usually wear A mi outfit Pajamas -Mi "ready to go out." My dog's walk is never far away, I can't spend my life in full pajamas as I would like. And I don't have a big, comfortable jogging (yet).

My guilty pleasure C ' Is the Craig playlists of the 90s. Eat too much sugar even though I know all the harmful effects on health too... but it is by period. And I learned to make a little peace with food.
In general, I go to bed around 11:00 p.m. and wake up well before 7:00 a.m., naturally.

I never leave my house without My phone, my keys, my chargers, my computer AirPods AND my wired headphones Because I call everyone on my journeys and in town nobody hears anything with airpods…. I never go out either without To have doused myself with my perfume : Tom Ford's burning sun . It smells like cinnamon and drives me crazy.

Level look right now j ' Loves to put Fluid and wide clothing … My friends forbid me to put on jeans because I have overused it too much so I discover the joy of new Fluid and comfortable pants Always with Sneakers or derbia (I never leave the ones I bought myself in Morocco).

2023 was a hell of a year of change and 2024 will be an incredibly rich year of meetings and the results of new projects for me, projects on a very large scale.

I could never do without Of my bitch because this dog is a part of me. Nash if you read us, BIG UP.

For me "comfort" is synonymous Of confidence, lightness, happiness... Comfort gives confidence, it is reassuring.

J ' Discovered Brai Thanks to Instagram when writing my book I was looking for a solar brand for the photoshoot And it's by meeting Loren and Estelle the founders that the match took place. Beyond the aesthetic now I love the Values and the DNA I share.

If I could be someone ' A d ' Other the time d ' A day, I would be a woman who does yoga every day and who lives as a dilettante surrounded by her friends, her children, her animals and who hesitates between spending time between her villa in Ibiza, her Mas in Provence or her house in Mali.
To finish this interview, my motorcycle in life is
“Everything happens for a reason.”

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