Good morning ! I m ' Calls Jennifer , But for friends c ' Is Jane or Ginette.

I was born the April 8, 1986 To Neuilly-sur-Seine.

When I was little I wanted to be Ufologist And today I am Journalist.

Which makes me want to get up in the morning C ' Is my baby's voice chirting in the next room and the smell of coffee That my husband prepares on the floor below.

J ' Have always been a fan From the aesthetics of the 70 s, from fashion to decoration Passing through The music , A Uninhibized and free mind , One Elegance That no longer exists today.

I always start my day with Give my son a huge hut, And the last thing I think about before bed is I'm lucky enough to fall asleep next to the person I love . Besides, it's scientifically proven, Sleeping next to the person you love decreases the stress hormone cortisol and slows down aging.

I usually sleep In men's pajamas , I have dozens that I collect With lots of different prints , I wear them wide enough, For an oversized effect that is also more comfortable.

My projects for l ' Future are To buy a pretty house with a garden not too far from Paris, full of guest rooms, a large kitchen, To live green but To be able to invite people home. I dream of a garden for my dog and large tables of friends at home. And a fireplace of course, my passion.

When I'm alone at home I usually wear A printed cotton bathrobe In the summer, I collect them too. Or A cashmere set, sweater and pants in winter.

My guilty pleasure is The Netflix & Chill perfume by Ben & Jerrys In the pot, in bed in front of a good dark thriller or detective series.

In general, I go to bed around midnight and I wake up to… it is no longer me who decides, but Gaston!

I never leave my house Without a nice basket on my arm.

Level look right now J ' Love to put on very wide blousers with super well cut flare jeans from home Laurence Bras And a pair of Backies from Laurence Bras Too . She has me Reciliated with the pants , That I haven't worn for years.

2022 was the year of all upheavals (baby, move, new professional activities) and 2023 will be the year of a return to more balance for me.

I could never do without To go to the forest at least once a week because I have a vital need for nature , Since I was little my mom took us to the forest several times a week with my sister. She taught us to recognize every species of tree, I 'd like to pass that on to my son too.

For me "comfort" is synonymous Security And for me c Is not to hurt your feet! I believe i There are a lot of connections between the arch and the brain, And If your feet hurt, you don't feel good at all in your head either! I need to be anchored, to connect with the earth to feel good.

J ' Discovered Brai Thanks to Instagram.

If I could be someone ' A d ' Other the time d ' A day, I 'd be a hippie in the '70s.
To finish this interview, My motorcycle in life is to be grateful every day for what we have. To be happy with what we already have, and not what we would like to have.

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