Hello, my name isKatinkaBut for friends it'sKika.

I was born the11 March 1991ToParis.

When I was little I wanted to beSingerAnd now I'mEntrepreneur, at the head of a digital agencyCalledKIKOFFAndCo-founder of NEW DONNE, a training company.

What makes me want to get up in the morning is theChallengers. The life I decided to lead. I never have the same day and that's what I like.

I 've always been a fan ofDecoration because it is a huge source of inspiration for me. If I had to reconvert it would be forCreate a boutique hotel or launch myself as an interior decorator.

I always start my dayBy a hugs with my daughter,And the last thing I think about before I go to bed is to make me3 minutes of breathing. I think too much and if I don't empty myself I can have nice insomnia.

I usually sleep8 hours minimum! It is essential for me. I am unable to sleep only 6 hours, more than once a week.

In general, I lie down to10:30 p.m./11 p.m.And I wake upAt 7:30. A real Grandma.

My plans for the future areTo continue to do what I do, to evolve, to stabilize my two business and to take care of my little family.

When I'm home alone,I usually wear pajamas. First thing I do when I get home:Shower and pajamas. My only way to feel good, relaxed and comfortable.

My guilty pleasureIt's chocolate. Addictif. Easier not to start than to stop me.

I never leave my house withoutTo be made up. I feel nude without.
Look level, right nowI love to put on beige/brown and jacket with jeans. I need easy look, dressed up, no need to think. No time.

I could never do withoutMy perfume because I'm too sensitive to smell. I constantly need to have comforting, enveloping scours. Perfume/cream/candles: essential to my life.
For me "comfort" is synonymous withWell-being.
I discovered BRAI thanks toInstagram.

If I could be someone else for a day, I 'd beMy dog Pépin, who clearly has the best life. A swarm.

2023 it wasThe roller coaster. 2024 will beEpic for me. This year I am getting out of my comfort zone even more.
To finish this interview, my motorcycle in life is"Never let go. When you think you're at the bottom that's where you find the best solutions and the most positive energy."

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